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Desert · Rose

About the Community

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Welcome! This is a place for my co-authors and I to post up chapters of our ongoing original yaoi story Desert Rose.

For the moment this is the only story that will be up here, though there may be others in the future, depeding on how things go. Also hoping to eventually get up such things as mini- bios for all the characters and art and so on soon.

To read the story, you'll need to be a member, though only myself and my co-authors can actually post here. Joining the comm. indicates that you're old enough to read such things and you take full responsibility for it.

If there's enough interest in this, I'll make another comm. for fans to chat and so on. ^^

To join this comm. please comment on this post and include part of the lyrics from Desert Rose by Sting to prove that you did read this and understand what sort of comm. this is.
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On September 26th, 2007 02:22 am (UTC), kaylynnkie commented:
I understand what this community entails, and I would love to join and read what you and your fellow writers have written.

Desert Rose:

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand
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On September 26th, 2007 04:22 am (UTC), orasa replied:
Re: Joining
Welcome! You should get an invite thinger soon :3
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