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Desert · Rose

Desert Rose: Ch. 3

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Title: Desert Rose
Chapter 3: It's just a test run ...
Author: Manda (orasa)
Co-authors: Em (yamato_rising)
Rating: R
Warnings: Here's the (first) smut chapter. 8D

For about the first week or so of "working" for Mori, Ka did little more than watch - and learn. There was actually ... a lot to learn. More than he had thought. Beyond the basic mechanics of it all, there was also foreplay, teasing, how to act as if it was all completely natural in front of the camera - when half the time you might not even know the person you were acting with.

Eventually, though, it came down to it ... and he was to "try out" with one of the others - an "old pro" it was said. He was a bit nervous at the thought. Well, scratch that. More than a bit. But he was glad that this wouldn't actually be filmed ... he just supposed to "get used to it" ... y-ea.

Farlest had heard the term used before ... that he was an "old pro", as it were. To him, it wasn't a symbol of pride or even a badge of experience. In his mind he oft felt the same as a whore. He had sex with whomever his father wanted so that Morifaer could make money ... and in the end it amounted to the same thing. He could tell himself he liked it, yeah ... naturally, he did many times ... but ... there was always that empty feeling that came afterwards; that same hollowness that he always felt when he saw Nash with 'Lor.

Today ... well ... he was semi-looking forward to it. There weren't going to be any cameras, and hey, he knew who he was to be filming with as soon as Morifaer had described him. Good. Apparently his name was Ka'hmesh, and Farlest rather liked how it rolled off the tongue. Oh, and as a special bonus? He'd get to meet the guy with his clothes on. Morifaer apparently wanted them to strip one another ... just one more thing that the newbie needed to be schooled in. Suffice to say, he arrived early in the studio that had been all but cleared out for today's endeavour.

The lights were turned down fairly low in that studio, as they would be during a shoot - though the cameras were off. Ka was waiting near the bed, looking around just a little nervously. There wasn't supposed to be anyone here but himself and this "Farlest" who was supposed to be showing him the ropes - so to speak. He heard the door open then, and turned slightly, looking ... watching as the other came in. Mm ... well, at least he wasn't bad on the eyes. Almost feminine ... but not quite.

He had a ready smile for the other the moment he opened that door, all friendliness, completely laid back ... as though this didn't faze him at all. "Hello, I'm Farlest Morifaerion, pleased to meet you, Ka'hmesh." He extended a hand... "Say, can I call you Ka?" Didn't really need to be all that formal now did they? Emerald eyes were nearly dancing with some hidden emotion of his own ... and were quite clearly admiring the other. After all ... he was fully allowed to look. He had that right if nothing else.

Just a bit hesitantly, Ka stepped toward the other, taking that hand and shaking it just a little awkwardly - not completely used to this custom either. "Ah ... you may," he replied to that, blinking. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but Farlest's manner was both putting him at ease and making him slightly more nervous at the same time. Now that the other was closer, he could get a better look - and Farlest was so much smaller than him. Wouldn't this ... hurt him?

"Your first time doing this isn't it?" Farlest inquired, tossing aside his jacket. Turning that bright smile to the other again, he held out his hands in a willing, vulnerable sort of gesture. "So we'll move at your pace ... and I'll just help you along when you need it." Inclining his head towards a small table that had everything they even might need on it, Far seemed mildly bemused. "As they might have told you ... I'm an old hand at this ... but this will be completely uncomplicated today." Secretly he was rather hoping Morifaer would let him teach other things as well ... but for now he could just feel Ka's nervousness ... so yes ... slow and simple.

Ka blinked slightly, following the motion of the other's head toward that table. Then he looked back, swallowed. "You mean you, ah ... you want to do this?" he asked, carefully. He didn't want to offend but ...

That smile turned enigmatic. "I do today." Oh yeah ... if he had a normal life he would have done this in a more ... normal way ... there would have been flirting done first, and they'd get to know one another, find out what Ka liked and what he didn't and his little eccentricities. Then ... eventually they'd wind up in the bedroom, perhaps even with some sort of affection between them. However he didn't have that option ... would never have that option. In essence Farlest belonged to Morifaer and to this industry. So he'd learned to fake emotions he didn't have for the camera ... and hide the ones that he did have on and off of it.

Another blink at that, and Ka nodded slowly ... ook then. Here goes. Well, actually ... there weren't any cameras, no one watching so ... "Tell me what I'm supposed to be doing..?" he requested quietly, having already taken off his own jacket, and set it on a chair to the side.

Wow. He really was a newbie. "Well ... for starters ... relax. This isn't a test or a tryout ... it's just something to help you learn." He chuckled softly and ran a hand through dark hair. "If it helps you any ... just ... treat me like a girl up to a certain point. And ways you like to be touched ... I'll probably like too." Walking over, he sat on the edge of that bed and worked on removing his shoes, tugging off the sneakers without bothering to untie the laces.

Ka nodded at that, and went quiet again. That was ... more or less what most of the others he had talked to had said as well. Nothing surprising here ... not really. With a slight sigh, he toed off his own shoes and then kind of stood there, watching Farlest. He wasn't even entirely sure if he liked guys, though he did have to admit that if nothing else, he liked how Farlest looked ... all that dark hair, and a face that could very well be called beautiful ...

Farlest crooked a finger at the taller male, his smile gentle and understanding. "If it helps you at all ... just ... pretend. It won't hurt my pride too much and it won't be the first time." His eyes seemed to search the other, as though looking for something. "Don't worry too much about me ... you won't hurt me ..." He knew that Ka wouldn't try, could sense that in him. "Even if you make mistakes I can promise I've had worse."

Yeah ... he'd starred in nearly every sort of flick that his father could conjure up ... which often resulted in the eldest Morifaerion being laid up for a couple of weeks after some types of shoots. He was usually the one who handled such things as the fake snuff-films ... he healed well and with minimal damage, he was accustomed to pain even if he didn't thrive on it ... and his ties to Morifaer ensured that his father didn't endanger his business in any way via complaints of abuse.

With another little nod, Ka moved, stepping toward that bed, and leaned over slightly. Pretend that he was a woman, hmm? One hand reached out to cup Farlest's chin, tilting his head up ... and Ka leaned down a bit farther, lips touching. Then he found that really, it wasn't all that different ... still lips, soft and yielding, and the skin against his fingers was smooth, faintly warm ...

The slender male tilted his head, making himself easily accessible to the other, and for once he felt that the warmth ... it was different. It had been a while since he'd been outright attracted to an individual like Ka. Yeah ... physically the guy was just the sort that Farlest liked, but it was something he could sense in the other ... something else ... and he wanted him. Damn, if he couldn't date he was sure fucking gonna take what he could get. Arms slid around the other's neck, and he made one of those pleased, happy purring noises. The other's inexperience was refreshing ... and strangely made Farlest feel special.

Ka let himself relax a little more, and probed at lips with his tongue, sort of asking permission silently. His other hand found itself in Farlest's hair, fingers tangled in the dark strands. Mmm ... this wasn't so hard ... really. He could probably get to like this.

He could feel that warmth ... that giddy tingling inside of him ... and it made him feel like an innocent again. Farlest savored it, not knowing how long it would last ... harshly reminding himself that this might be the only time he was ever with Ka ... that this lovely broad-shouldered man with tanned skin and pale hair was very likely to become simply another plot element in Far's life and "career". Lips parted willingly, his own tongue coming to tease and coax alongside of Ka's ... part of the "helping it along" bit of the deal.

Mm ... that was, indeed, quite lovely ... but eventually, he had to breathe, and pulled back with lips still parted slightly, looking faintly flushed. "I think ... this may be easier than I thought," he murmured. At least up to that point where ... yea. With a little smile, he reached for the buttons of his shirt, starting to get them undone. He was starting to be less nervous and more curious, wondering what Farlest looked like under those clothes as well.

"Good." Farlest encouraged softly, and reached for the other's hands, stopping him. "Let me do that ..." His smile was gentle, but bordering on naughty, and perhaps just a little playful ... one of Far's trademarks, but more sincere than his norm. However, Ka didn't know the dark-haired man well enough to tell the difference. Deftly making short work of the other's buttons, fingertips then ran gently over exposed skin. Mmm ... muscles nicely defined but not overly so ... just gorgeous.

Ka watched all the while, a little surprised by a slight shiver that ran down his spine at those touches. Well, he was supposed to enjoy this, right? Right. Taking a cue from Farlest, he reached over in his turn and started getting the other's shirt off as well.

Lashes fluttering, the dark-haired male helped in that endeavor, and the shirt, a black, long-sleeved turtleneck, was quickly disposed of. Farlest was slender ... lithe without being skinny ... having just enough heft to him to indicate that he wasn't just a pretty boy ... he did things when he had the chance. He smiled, expectant, wondering what the other thought ... now that expanses of bare skin were revealed ... pants slung low enough on his hips to the point where it was clear they weren't meant to be kept on the smaller man's frame for any grand length of time.

For a long moment, Ka just ... looked, almost comparing, but not in a bad way. Farlest was most definitely male, yes ... which made this pretending just a bit harder - but well. The other had said that certain things were still the same. So, slowly, he did reach out to touch, just the barest of fingertips - starting along the other's jaw line and ghosting slowly down his neck.

Farlest vaguely wondered what it would be like ... if Ka truly wanted to do this ... if ever he wanted Far because he was Farlest ... and not because he had to be with him like this. Always realizing that someone else was pretending ... he could always feel that ... it always meant he wasn't quite good enough, now didn't it? But he smiled still ... expression ever-present and unwavering.

There was a visible shiver at those light touches ... he loved to be touched, but he wasn't quite sure how Ka felt about it ... and thus he wasn't going to do anything. This was going to go at the other's pace ... and not his own. "Mmm ..." Tilting head into those fingers, he hummed, pleased.

Ka tilted his head, a slight smile playing over his face. He had been in a few little underground films before this and could usually tell when someone was acting. Farlest ... well, he obviously did like the touching, if nothing else. So Ka continued that, and after a moment leaned down for another kiss - as that had worked out rather well the last time.

At that, Farlest stepped forward ... closer still ... and accepted that kiss happily, the humming turning more toward a sort of purring sound, louder still. One arm was around the other's neck and the other snaked around Ka's waist. If they continued at this pace it would take hours ... lots of them ... and Morifaer would be displeased at that, so Farlest was very cautiously nudging them both along.

For just a moment, Ka tensed, then forced himself to relax ... that made a bit easier by the contact - rather than harder as he might have expected. That hand on Farlest's neck moved to the back of it, fingers tangling in that long dark hair once more. And this close ... well ... he could, ah, feel certain things that hadn't been readily apparent before. But for some reason ... it didn't really bother him all that much.

"S'ok ..." the smaller male murmured against lips, "It's ok ... you're going to enjoy this ..." The words were meant to soothe and encourage ... voice just barely a whisper. The one hand ghosted up the other's side, lingering on muscles as they were presented ... and just ... caressing ... feather-light. "And you can talk to me ... just like you would anyone else ... I can do whatever you'd like me to."

There was a slight shiver of his own at that, eyes lidding. "Mm ... to tell you the truth, I don't usually talk all that much," he murmured back. His free hand went to mirror Farlest, fingers exploring muscle layered over ribs, and dropping just a bit lower, smoothing down a hip until he encountered pants.

He chuckled softly in response to Ka's admission. "I didn't think you did ... but you can convey to me what you want ... even if you don't use words ..." There was a trembling beneath the pale-haired male's fingers ... oh yes Far truthfully did love to be touched in almost any positive form. His own hands met the other's pants and hesitantly lingered on the fastens to them ... may I? Can I? Farlest could talk without words too.

There was only a moment of hesitation, and then Ka nodded, wordlessly, and moved back just enough so his own hands could move around to the same place on the other. He was still sort of following Farlest's lead, in a way, mirroring his motions, watching him and learning.

Easily he undid the other's clothing ... sliding the pants down the other's legs ... and then moving back up to allow Ka to step out of them without bumping into Far. At Ka's movement, he nodded in turn ... green eyes ghosted over skin with an appraising eye.

Feeling just a little self-conscious, Ka did step out of those pants, sort of kicking them over to one side. He had a pair of boxers on under them, but well ... those didn't reeeeeally hide much. He moved in closer again to finish unfastening Farlest's pants, hooking fingers into the material to slide them down. Crimson eyes widened juuust a little bit at finding the other had absolutely no underwear on but he kept going, never taking his gaze from the flesh he was now exposing.

There was another one of those shivers as cool air hit flesh that was far warmer than said air. Green eyes flicked up and down on Ka and he laughed softly, "So ...?" It was light, but there was really more behind it. Yes ... Far was completely and inescapably male ... and he wanted that to be enough, in truth. Without further warning, and just because he could, he hooked his fingers in the other's boxers and tugged them down.

Without even really noticing it, his gaze had darkened just a bit already ... answer enough to that question, if Farlest was paying attention. The removal of those boxers distracted him for a moment though, a soft little gasp escaping as they brushed over his cock on the way down.

Naturally he was paying attention ... Farlest was always attentive to the details, especially when he wanted to enjoy the experience ... knew he would ... like today. Lips parted in a involuntary sound of pleasure when he saw the sheer size of the other ... and he couldn't help but touch ... the sense that he enjoyed most ... fingertips just ghosting over that warm, sensitive flesh.

His own lips parted at that, with another of those little shivers down his spine. It took him a moment to remember what he'd told himself that he was going to do here ... distracted, yes. But then he did reach over ... and touch in turn - fingertips slightly rougher than the other's were.

Farlest let himself moan ... it didn't take much to draw sound from him ... not if he was willing. "Yeah ..." he murmured, "I like that ..." Emboldened, long fingers wrapped around Ka's cock and gently stroked, experience telling him that this was the fastest way to get what he wanted ... and induct Ka into all that this was in a way that would be mutually pleasing. Hell yes did he want this man.

For Ka's part there was a soft hiss at that, eyes lidding slightly. It wasn't as if he hadn't well ... done for himself before - but this was different. Growing just a bit bolder, he again copied the other's motions, wrapping his own larger hand about the other and moving ... experimentally rubbing his thumb over the slit at the end.

That got Far's attention ... dark lashes fluttered and this time the moan came from deep in his throat. Yes ... Ka was catching the hang of this fairly damn fast ... which was very very good ... not to mention it felt ... hell ... it ... he hadn't felt like this since ... since 'Ros left. "Ka ..." Good god he wanted to beg the other to fuck him right now ... damn ... yes he didn't care if the other was clumsy. It was because ... he wanted Ka. That, and he loved what he sensed in the other ...

There was a little smile at that noise that bordered on a smirk. Somehow, it made him feel good to able to do that to the other. Moving in a bit closer again, he went for another kiss, hand not moving except to stroke that cock again. And when he pulled back from the kiss, he murmured, "Think you had better remind me what exactly comes next ..." Because fuck, this was a turn-on, more of one than he'd thought it would be ...

Farlest was still purring, and he licked his lips as they drew back. "Well it all depends ..." He tilted his head, "I could do more ... or we could just move things right along ... and finally use that bed." Spreading his hands, the dark-haired male watched the other through half-lidded, darkened eyes. "As you may have noticed ... I'm not built like a woman, so there's a few extra details we have to mind ..."

That smile crossed his lips again, " But it all depends on how much you want to do ... why don't you tell me what you do know, Ka?" He stepped away carefully, and slowly laid himself out on that bed with an infinite grace that bespoke practice. He was alluring and he knew it and he wanted to be right now ... more than just an act.

Ka followed, though he more ... sat on the edge of that bed than anything else - suddenly just a bit nervous again now that the momentum had been broken. "Not much," he replied. "They, ah. They gave me some books and things ... had me watch a couple of the films but ..." He trailed off with a little shrug. It was sort of obvious that he didn't much like not knowing what he was doing - so yes, in a way he was quite willing to learn.

"Yeah, well ..." Farlest arched an eyebrow, "I'm not naturally lubricated ... so that's one of the first things." Far pointed to various tubes and vials on the small table at the bedside. "Also if I don't get stretched out well ... it can and will hurt ... but it all depends on what you want ... because sooner or later I'll enjoy it anyway. It all depends on who's bottoming, I suppose." Far spoke about it nonchalantly ... but he'd experienced every extreme. "I can do it or you can ... it's up to you."

Ka tilted his head slightly, listening ... watching the other. "I will eventually have to do it anyway, yes?" he asked, though it wasn't truly a question. He well-knew that he was expected to learn all that he could here. "Mm ... so I think that I had better." Scooting closer to the table, he eyed the various things there and eventually just picked one at random.

Farlest arched a dark brow. "Are you sure you want that one?" He absently wondered who had provided all of these ... because they'd covered just about everything. Reaching over, he tapped one that got warm with friction. "I'd recommend this one personally ... that one ... hurts. Trust me, I know." Farlest grimaced slightly ... oh yeah ... especially when used liberally.

Ka blinked, and rather hastily put down the first one to pick up the one Farlest pointed to. "Sorry," he murmured. Guess maybe he should read the labels. Then he moved closer again ... and sort of sat there holding the thing. He knew, in principle, what he was supposed to do with it, but somehow the descriptions all made it sound so ... clinical and impersonal. And for some reason, he didn't want that, not with Farlest.

Farlest slid up and over to the other ... again ... sensing that uncertainty. "Mmm ... s'ok." Arms slid about the other and he pressed himself against him, resting a head on Ka's shoulder. It was strangely affectionate ... like a natural outpouring of his warm nature. "Now use it ..." he purred, leaning up so that he could teasingly nip at Ka's earlobe. "I like to be touched ... this is no different."

That reassured him somewhat, and he smiled faintly, unscrewing the cap on that little vial and pouring a good amount of the oil into the other palm. Then he sort of rubbed it into hands and fingers - knowing that was probably too much but ... he really didn't want to hurt the other. With Farlest in that position, it was easy to slide hands down his back then, noting that the oil did make things smoother - slick.

Farlest rather desperately hoped that Ka would always be like this ... that Morifaer would do nothing to ruin him. A little experience would make him a grand lover ... and Farlest already felt a flare of jealousy towards whomever was to be paired with him. However, this time was his, and well was he aware of it. "Mmmm ..." Shifting but an inch or to to provide the other male with easier access, Farlest was all too willing ... and eager to please. It showed.

That shifting also pressed other areas together and Ka paused for just a moment, eyes lidding. Then he went on, finding that opening more by touch than anything else ... and very slowly ... he attempted to push one finger inside the other. "Farlest ..." he started, then trailed off, eyes widening a little when he got past that initial ring of muscle.

Farlest was watching the other through his lashes, and didn't bother to stifle the groan that escaped via parted lips. By all means, please continue. "Yes, Ka ..." he murmured, "That's how ..." Far was only planning to prompt the other when and if he needed it ... thus far it was flowing along smoothly. Mmm ... yes ... if everything kept going like this then soon enough they could get to the part he was really looking forward to. Call him a little slut ... but ... he really did enjoy being filled ... and well he knew that Ka could surely do that in ways that few could ... that thought sending a shiver of anticipation down his spine.

Well ... it was undeniable that Farlest liked this, though Ka wasn't entirely sure that he would were their positions reversed. He knew better than to think that he would never have to play the opposite part ... but ... best not to think of that now. Instead, he concentrated on pushing that finger farther inside the other ... only stopping when he could really go no farther. Glancing down at the other, he raised one brow slightly, almost a silent sort of question.

"I'm good for a second ..." he said under his breath, just above a whisper. "Then you stretch me in earnest ... and when I'm good with that you add a third and do the same. Three is the standard number, but if you aren't the first partner said person has had that day you can usually get away with two." However, Ka was Far's first of the day ... and he had several hours before Nash and he had to do a shoot ... all the better. Though momentarily that reminded him that Nash and 'Lor were off together somewhere, but today ... it didn't hurt quite so much ... not when he was with Ka.

Ka tilted his head slightly, listening ... and then moved again, pulling that first finger out only a bit faster than he'd gone in - almost completely out before trying to add a second. Again, there was the push past that ring of muscle and then it got a bit easier. But he could feel that it was tighter ... and ... oh. That made sense. The thought of having his cock in something remotely that tight made crimson eyes darken just a bit more as he watched Farlest, slowly pushing in again.

There was the sharp intake of breath as Ka did so ... Farlest gripping shoulders and just nodding wordlessly. Yes ... like that, please ... more ... "Now scissor ..." he murmured, when he was able to recover words. Ka was just being so careful ... careful in the way 'Ros had been when they'd first started dating. Heh ... well ... what passed for dating here. It was strange to have faith in someone again ... he trusted Nash and some of the others, yeah ... but not quite like this.

Ka did so ... still slowly, carefully ... though it was all-too-easy to feel and see just how much the other did enjoy this. Eyes lidded again as he felt those muscles within the other stretching, felt that scissoring motion become easier. And then ... this time, he didn't wait, drawing those two slowly out and starting on the third, figuring there did come a point ... where he would have to guess and, yes, trust.

It was during that stretching ... carrying over into the point where Ka added the third finger, that the little string of pleased sounds became consistent. Apparently Farlest didn't hesitate to show when he was pleased ... and it promised that later on into this he was going to become very very vocal. Because this wasn't acting ... he was not obligated to be a certain way ... it was himself ... just he and Ka.

Problem being, though, that Ka really didn't know as of yet when to stop stretching and move on, and it hadn't quite occurred to him that he might just be making Farlest nearly incoherent. In truth, he was fascinated simply watching the other ... and listening to him, his free hand curled about Farlest's waist, holding him close almost unconsciously.

And Farlest loved it ... soaked it in ... basking in the attention and drowning in it. It wasn't long before he either realized that Ka needed some guidance ... or his own desire just overrode everything else. He acted, getting words out between the near-ramblings, "Ka ... c'mon ... need you now ... fuck me please?" It was mostly a plea ... and he was good at making his wants known in just the right tone of voice ... Farlest's voice was an adaptable thing, able to convey a wide range of emotions and feelings.

At that, Ka jumped just slightly ... though it was hard to tell if it was only surprise or possibly something more - a reaction to those words perhaps. He nodded, though, quickly ... and pulled those fingers out ... then considered for a moment. And with a slight tilt of his head, he shifted, getting knees under him ... and pushing Farlest down onto his back, gentle still.

The angle of this might be a bit different than he was used to ... but he more or less got the idea. Before he went on, though, he looked at the other, just ... savoring the sight, and feeling a little thrill simply because at the moment, Farlest was all his.

He shifted positions all too willingly, a desire-high smile flitting across features ... with perhaps something more substantial behind it. The slender male reached upwards, fingertips brushing Ka's cheek in a caress that in truth meant more than it probably should ... though one would never have known. In truth the feeling between them was mutual ... both pleased that if even for now ... each belonged to the other. "Go ahead ..." Soft urging ... and more than that ... permission and something much more. Without fully realizing it he was giving Ka access to something more than his body.

With a slow nod, Ka moved again, shifting a little closer, and began to actually push into the other. His head tilted back, and he made the first sound of his own beyond talking and those soft hisses - a low, quiet moan. Oh gods ... mm ... yea ... he could get used to this. Fingers tightened where he held onto one hip, his other hand flat against the sheets.

Farlest was well aware just how agonizing this part of the process could be for the top ... the temptation to just take was always strong ... and Farlest had been on the receiving end of a top succumbing to temptation more than once. Eyes closed and lips parted, he added his own moan to the sound that Ka was creating ... making it a strange duet ... and though he was at ease in this ... he knew how to use it to their mutual advantage ... slowly moving downwards of his own accord, a strange way of meeting in the middle, to borrow the phrase.

Ka had more control than most, however, even in this. Though for this first time ... it was a little close. But with a soft almost growling sound, he forced himself to go slowly, jaw clenched and half-lidded eyes dark. He didn't really notice that his grip on the other was probably leaving a few bruises, concentrating on ... other things at the moment.

Then there was that moment when Farlest knew that Ka was fully within him ... and the very idea sent a wave of giddy pleasure throughout his nerves. "Nnngh ... Ka ..." Voice hoarse as his body accustomed itself to the other's presence. It was that strange sense of completeness that he'd been lacking these past couple of months ... ever since 'Ros had left him ... worse than left him ... this was repairing a piece of the hole that the copper-haired male's abandonment had left in the eldest of Morifaer's sons.

"Yes," he breathed softly, just that one word ... and moved more by instinct at this point than anything else, he shifted hips - pulling out ... and pushing in again, just slightly faster. Some of that control was maybe slipping a little. But, well. He didn't hear Farlest complaining, no ... not at all.

No ... complaining was the furthest thing from his mind in those moments ... as he was moving with Ka ... savoring everything ... the play of Ka's muscles under his skin as well as the expression on his face ... the sounds that would escape ... whilst Far added his own to the mix. And it was beautiful in his mind ... a tandem harmony that he had not experienced for a very long time ... not since 'Ros ... and it swept him away ... "C'mon, baby ... fuck me good ..." Murmuring under his breath ... a grand variety of pleas all with the same idea behind them ... more ... I need.

With another of those low moans, eyes lidded completely for a moment before opening again, and he did, indeed, speed up the pace quite a bit. If Farlest was going to ask for it, and in that tone of voice .... mm... well. Who was he to argue? It wasn't very long at all before he had found a steady pace, panting softly as the both of them moved, more of those moans escaping from time to time.

Hands tangled in hair, warm breath caressing Ka's face moments before Far sealed lips to lips once more ... This was like having a taste of some exquisite delicacy after having been denied it for so very long ... like water in a desert ... rare and oh so beautiful to the eyes of one who needs it. Shamelessly he was begging for more ... and Ka was graciously giving it to him.

When Farlest shifted to lean up for that kiss, Ka also shifted - mostly without realizing it. Doing so changed the angle that he was driving into the other ... just slightly.

Oh fuck! And he meant that in the best way possible. Crying out as that shift resulted in Ka's next thrust striking a particular bundle of nerves deep within him, Farlest's nails dug into shoulders without even thinking about it ... too many more like that and the other was going to drive him over the edge ... willing and screaming in ecstasy.

Eyes widened at that, feeling muscles tighten about him in turn ... and oh yes he was going to try to do the same thing again, thank you very much. He leaned in, capturing lips again, tongue and teeth as well now playing there ... even as he continued to thrust into the other, free hand moving from the bed to tangle in dark hair.

Farlest made a desperate keening sound into the other's mouth, seeking more of that sensation that the other was currently giving him, tongue flickering out to dance with Ka's, nipping at the other male's bottom lip in turn. Oh hell that was good ... hands tightened in warning after a few more strokes like so ... perilously close to release.

Ka didn't even truly realize what that meant, though he was also edging closer to climax, the steady friction and clenching of muscles an entirely new thing for him. He responded to that nipping with one of his own - just a bit harder.

When it came, Farlest didn't even bother to stifle his cry of pleasure ... shouting the other's name aloud as a haze of white overtook his vision and muscles tightened in a way that outdid all previous occurrences of such. Oh fuck ... sex had not been this satisfying in what seemed like forever ... and Farlest was on a high from which he never wished to come down. It was akin to being weightless ... and knowing that you had wanted it every step of the way.

With a slightly startled cry of his own as muscles clenched around him, Ka followed the other - literally seconds behind. Hands tightened, leaving more bruises on that hip ... and in some distant part of his mind, he really hoped that Farlest wasn't too terribly tender-headed. For the most part, though, he was gone, head flung back and mouth open, finally shuddering ... and barely managing to catch himself before utterly collapsing atop the other - panting, muscles trembling now.

But when Farlest did start to slide down from that height ... he found that it wasn't so terrible. Slowly his arms snaked about the other to hold him close ... and a contented little smile crossed reddened lips ... this had been ... oh so good ... like a fine wine without the hangover that came after such intense consumption. Farlest was purring ... something he found he was only capable of when he was satisfied ... in all ways. He refused to think beyond this moment ... and the man in his arms ... and for a few precious seconds ... life was good.

Ka recognized that sound ... and found it a little curious that it was coming from a human throat. But ... mm ... he wasn't about to ask questions just now. Not after that. Slowly, he let Farlest pull him down, and sort of naturally curled about the other, enjoying the warmth of the afterglow, eyes lidded slightly.

In a small editing room not too far away ... there was a moment or two of complete silence. Then Nash said softly, "Well ... really not so bad for his first time, hmm?"

"Not at all..." Was the quiet agreement, but it was apparent that 'Lor had something on his mind ... something was bothering him ... and he couldn't take his eyes off of that screen ... the one hooked to a camera that was all but unseen to those it currently had its eye on. "Farlest is good at breaking people in ..." But they both knew that that had been ... different.

Nash nodded in agreement with that statement. Farlest had actually been his first as well when he started working here. "This is going to become a problem, isn't it ...?" he murmured, and it wasn't truly a question.

'Lor nodded, "Just look at him ..." Farlest's emerald-green eyes were lidded, and the dark-haired male was snuggled against Ka, and neither of them were showing any indication of wanting to move anytime soon. " ... He hasn't done that since ..." he trailed off ... not really wanting to finish that statement ... blue eyes flickering to his lover. "Far's setting himself up for a world of hurt ..." The worst thing about it was that neither of them could really do anything about it ... and after what 'Lor had seen happen when 'Ros left ... he almost worried for Far's sanity should something happen again.

Nash sighed softly, remembering as well. Though the two of them kind of owed their own relationship to that ... incident ... well. It still wasn't going to be pretty at all if anything else happened. Edging closer to the other, he slipped an arm about his shoulders. "It's not likely that he's going to listen to anyone about it either."

"Mmmhmm." He nodded, leaning his head against Nash and watching silently for a moment. "But none of it has ever been fair to him ... life just seems rigged ... to leave him unhappy ..." 'Lor himself had been lucky enough to find someone that loved him ... was willing to stay with him ... but then ... they didn't have Morifaer standing in the way either. He sighed, "Dammit ... I just wish that something good would happen for him ... I thought he was going to have a break with 'Ros, but ..." Yeah ... that had bombed.

Nash just nodded silently, mentally shooting a glare at said person - wherever he'd run off to. That was the part that pissed him off. 'Ros hadn't even had the balls to tell Farlest, he'd just ... run. "Y'know. If I could get my hands on your brother right now ..."

'Lor just shook his head. "I'd give a lot to know what Mori said to him that made him do that ... I knew that 'Ros and Far were destined for trouble ... but ... I'd never figured that he'd just ... abandon him like that." This sort of talk was, frankly, depressing ... and he reached over and turned off the screen ... allowing Far and Ka some real privacy ... they deserved that much for a while.

Another slight nod, and Nash sighed again, pulling the other just a bit closer. "I know ... and I know that he is your brother, but still ..." He almost half-wished sometimes that he and Far were a bit more than just friends. There were times he would give almost anything to erase the look on the other's face after some of the scenes they did together. He didn't think Far was even aware of it most of the time.

'Lor had to agree, "But if even I didn't know him well enough to predict that ... well ... anything is possible ..." Like Nash ... he sometimes wished he could just ... fix it for his friend. 'Lor was well aware that Farlest still cried himself to sleep ... having accidentally overheard him more than once. What was more tragic still was that Morifaer's eldest son was trying so hard to shut away his problems from the world ... and behave as though nothing could hurt him.

"Mmm ... I guess it's just how the world works for some people. As tragic as it is .." he murmured. This sort of talk was rather depressing. Ugh. Time for a change of subject. With a little smirk, he turned just a bit more toward the other. "There's still about three hours before I'm supposed to go in for makeup and such .... "

'Lor laughed softly, "Well then ... I rather think we should use that time constructively don't you?" The auburn-haired cameraman then slid his way onto Nash's lap, grinning in a way that he full knew was naughty and could have cared less ... nothing to brighten a mood like a little good clean smut (or not so clean).
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On April 8th, 2007 08:07 am (UTC), mardigrasmaven commented:
This chapter was so hott...I melted into an epileptic puddle of fangirlness... I can't wait for Ch. 4 because the chapters just get better and better with progression. I can't wait to see Ka and Far progress in their relationship... and the trials they have to go through to stay together...it's gonna be so good!

See you in the next installment of Desert Rose! ;) XD
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;3 Farlest says thank you ~<3

>P He can be a hopeless little romantic sop at times can't he?
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On April 9th, 2007 04:59 am (UTC), mardigrasmaven replied:
Dou itashimashite Far-kun! :)
Yes, he can be a hopeless romantic sop at times, but after all he's been through, he deserves to be! Poor guy.
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Great stuff so far...
Hi, I have just joined this livejournal. Found your stuff. I love Sting, am listening to Sister Moon right now. Hope I can join your group. I write also and I love your stuff so far. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.
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Re: Great stuff so far...
Thanks ^^ It's fun to write, we just need to sit down and get the next chapter out~

As we have plot, yes yes >D
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